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The Sports Theology Institute exists to teach athletes and others to Find God's Winning Spirit. We primarily do that through two programs, "Think F.A.S.T" and "Sports Theology - Finding God's Winning Spirit."


God has created us all in his image and with unique gifts. It is not only His desire that we acknowledge and nurture these gifts but use them to become fulfilled and successful. Athletic ability, like all other gifts, can only be fully realized when we are in right relationship with Him.  

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 How it works

TESTIMONY.  In the secular world the word testimony means to “bear evidence” or “to outwardly authenticate a fact”.  Theologically, testimony means, “a public profession of religious experience”.  Some would say the two are the same. The Greek word used for testimony in the New Testament means “to give witness”.  No matter how you define testimony one could say that what we do and how we live our lives demonstrates to others what is most important to us. Two things are true – we do not have to be religious to be a witness and whatever we do “bears witness” to others about our priorities and values.

The Think F.A.S.T. Program.

Performance is enhanced when an athlete is able to see past the moment, and view competition as part of something greater than "self".


                                                                       Greg Smith

Author of Sports Theology - Finding God's Winning Spirit


I heartily endorse sports theology as an effective learning tool for anyone involved with performance enhancement be it athletic or otherwise.


                                                                          Hal Baird

           Former Auburn University Head Baseball Coach

The Think F.A.S.T. Experience


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    Events are our way of communicating Sports Theology to youth 15-18.  Highly structured and safe environments lead guide our training.


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    Our coaching programs are delivered in the form of retreats.  Generally a five day stay at a golf resort is the norm.  Your coaching staff will be given the tools to teach the Think F.A.S.T. program to their athletes.




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    Sports Theology, when related to the highest level of athletic performance, is based on the premise that superior athletic ability is a God-given gift. Sports theology has the same goals and purpose as sports psychology, but rather sees pure personal excellence based in a relationship with Christ.

Buy the book that started the message.


Sports Theology - Finding God's Winning Spirit


Cover photo of the book "Sports Theology - Finding God's Winning Spirit"



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